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“Colton is both professional and personable, always making it a pleasure to work with him. He is a very goal oriented individual, and it reflects in the images he captures. He is motivating, assuring and puts confidence in you as a model. With that being said, it is so important to trust the person behind the camera, and Colton makes for such a talented, and trusting individual to work with.”

- Valentina Vitale

"I have to tell you, Colton is an extremely talented photographer. He is able to scan his surroundings and find the perfect angle, lighting, staging of items, and makes it look so effortless through the whole process. It was an absolute pleasure working with Colton at our restaurant. He made everyone feel valued and comfortable with his personality and professionalism. Ultimately it is his care and dedication to the art of photography that sold me! I look forward to future shoots with you!"

- Maya / Aria Bistro & Lounge

"Being able to work with Colton has been such a privilege. Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer, but he made my experience both comfortable and fun. He explained his vision to me throughout the shoot, and it allowed me to take his direction more clearly and naturally. He is a well rounded photographer, and his skills exceed just portraits. Would highly recommend!"

- Joelle Farrow

“Colton Hall’s photographs capture varieties of synchronized complexities of media landscapes that influence spectators to contemplate the image’s served purposes, alongside their laborious production care. Hall makes it exceptionally difficult for viewers to simply dismiss the man behind the camera, as technological methods and equipment continue to overwhelm artists, Hall remains cultivated.”

- Amanda Viveiros

"Ambition, drive and talent are just a few words I would use to describe Colton. Looking through his portfolio it is easy to see that he has established his own style which he is able to apply to both portrait and product photography. Colton successfully puts his own personal twist into everything he shoots which makes it distinctly his own."

- Rachael Bradbury

"Colton has a personality of his own that reflects through his work, making him stand out from the others. He seems to surprise me with every new set of photographs taken. I'm always taken away with his continuous effort to improve his technique and push his own boundaries. 

Keep working hard & love every shutter second"

- Michelle Ferreira

"Colton is very goal oriented and determination is evident in his work. His ability to think outside the box, and literally reach new heights demonstrates his passion and wisdom of the industry to bring portraits to life."

- David Cardoso

"Colton is one of the best modern photographers I have seen. His passion for what he does is eminent in his work. I don't know of anyone else with such dynamic and creative talent! He can shoot any style and have it come out looking like his specialty."

- Allison Walsh

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